Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Time When the Living is Easy.

Broken Arrow has a small fun Farmers Market.  I don't usually buy much there....but it is fun to go.  I've bought a couple of craft items from a lady who gotes to COTM....and because I would like to learn how to do this for stepping stones.  Then I like the goat cheese and a few items such as that.    Ken and I both were intrigue by the blind Basset Hound.  Bless his heart.

I think I do less and less gardening every year.  Have done very little to the front flower bed and it does show.  This is it at its best.    The wild violets are trying to take over.  oh my!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Flourish in Carrollton

I did something this week that definitely took me past my comfort zone.  I found a friend, Janie and we drove to Carrollton Texas for a Women's Conference.   Once the registration was done, I thought more times than I care to admit about backing out.  It was stretching those stinkin 'hermit' tendencie.
We drove down on Wednesday afternoon and checked in at the Marriott at the Gallaria.  Had a bit of a challenge in the traffic, construction and the GPS which obviously is out of date.  We found the hotel just in time to check in, use the bathroom and arrive maybe 30 minutes late to a very large packed crowd, extremely loud praise music, light sticks waving and balls bouncing throughout the auditorium and the big lighted words across the front saying "MOVE".    We had to sit at the very back. 

Thursday was the first full day.  The theme MOVED to" LOVE"  and we had much better seats.  The morning sesson was Pastor Kathy and she tought about growing your garden,  IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SOIL.  

Then Dr Carolyn Leaf spoke twice on Thursday.  A scientist from South Africe, she has a keen insite to the brain and God and how science is catching up with the Bible.
There was an abundance of thanksgiving, praise and worship.

I introduced Janie to Sam Moon as she was looking for a new purse.  She found her purse and we played pretend with the hats.  Silly us.   It was Janies birthday tomorrow.
So on Saturday we drove home and had lunch at Petes Place in Krebs or McAlester.  The service was all family style, and way too pricie for the quality of the food, the ambiance of the old home and old decor was a lot of fun and we were placed in a tiny private room all to ourselves.  Happy Birthday Janie.  Thanks for going with me.
Each day we received little gifts.  This candle was very special.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Vanity, Vanity, All must not be Vanity

I work a job in which I sit in front of a camera on average five or six hours a day and have been doing 6 to 7 days a week.  I'm in the process of cutting back and keeping my Sabbath and hopefully not going over 5 hours a day.   But that is not my point at the moment.
My thoughts at the moment are carnal: ---- in need of being dealt with and changed ..... Here we go with the negative:
Flab, Sag, Jiggle, Wrinkle, Rolls, Blue Veins, Jiggle, Lines, Creases, Midriff flab, Belly Fat, Neck Sag, Turkey goblet giggle under chin, the double chin, Oh, and the chin hair, unwanted mustache,   Old gnarly fingers, purple puffy working hands,   smile lines going  South, dark circles under eyes, bags under eyes, bushy, out of control eye brows,  and not to mention the bad hair days .... oh my yes, bad hair days.  So have I made my point to myself?

So according to Dr Caroline Leaf, these must be my toxic thoughts that have to be laid at the throne of grace.  Here they go .....
And here comes positive affirmations covered by God Words to replace those destructive toxic thoughts.
My Creator makes all things good and beautiful.
My God does all things well.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
People  look on the outward appearance but the real issue is on the heart.
There is grace in aging.
Wisdom is the 'thing' above all get wisdom.

Monday, April 15, 2013

RAMBLINGS ... THIS OLE' BODY IS GROWING OLD .... The battle to overcome.

I no longer conform to this world -- I am transformed by renewing my mind. By renewing my mind, I prove what is God's will is for my life and I accomplish HIS GOOD PLEASURE AND HIS PERFECT WILL in my behalf. Romans 12:2
Joel Gave me a Shepherds Crook to get rid of muscle knots.
 As I grow older, there seem to be added challenges - body, mind, soul, spirit.  All tied together.... the aches, the pains and the stuff  I've tried to over come
 So here is how I deal with growing old in body:
Chiropractors, vibrator machines for the neck, the back the feet.
I feel like we pretty much have tried it all at some time or another.
Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar daily in a glass of filtered water.
Eight to ten glasses of water a day.

Ken provided foot and back vibrators.

I eat all of the below mentioned foods with great faith.

I've tried reflexology on both hand and foot
I've grown familiar with all the foods that fight that nasty inflammation that tries to settle in my joints.

One remedy that Ken has insisted on is the yellow raisins in a flask of Gin. Soak raisins 7 days then eat nine raisins daily. (These raisins were so old they lost their Golden.)
Yellow Raisins and Gin work pretty good
And then there is that Omegas from fish, glorious fish.
Ever cooked one of these before

Then there is the hot wax machine.

The bike, ball and trampoline for  indoor activities.

What about the orthotics -- you know, the shoe inserts

Love that Fresh Fruit

Avacados, Bananas, Fresh Ginger Root

Real Cinnamon and Raw Honey Treatments

Or protein shakes.....even green smoothies.

Spinach Smoothies

Green is Good
 Then there are exercise tools.  But what it all boils down to, is only God -- my Great Healer and being grounded in Him and His WORD.  I am whole.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Out with the toxic, in with the health good.  And life is GOOD.   I am picturing my life and comparing it to our beautiful Leyland Cypress Trees we have in our back yard.  

Crab Cakes and fresh Fruit

At one time there were eight of them and they were beautiful.  Then the ice storm hit and their roots were too shallow.  Five of them fell.  Ken proped them up repeatedly until they rebelled and gave up.  It left us with three beautiful Leyland Cypress.  Then there were two years of drought here in Oklahoma and it weakened the three healthy ones.  So the Seiridium Canker attack came and we ignored it.  If only we had cut those dead brown branches out one at a time as they attact -- but we ignored it.  And it spread.

Salads -- Ahi in this one.

And so does our lives go.   One little toxic thought and it is ignored.  Another comes and then another until our branches are dying.    God by your grace and with determination The Canker of my life has to go.   I'm clipping it out along with those healthy tools of vibrators, good foods and plenty of exercise.

Monday, March 11, 2013

A Job That Calls For Mean, Nasty, Stupid and Rediculious

Working as a sign language interpreter certainly has it problems.  The interpreter is the facilitator of messages between a Deaf and a Hearing Person.   When one is working in the community the challeng

Friday, March 1, 2013

When One Hits Seventy-Five

Ken's 75th birthday was celebrated in Plano several ways.
The Scharpf's came down for the weekend so we decided to have an early mini celebration.  We did pizza, ice cream and cake. 
75 candles might have burned the house no candles.

On the actual day, Ken  chose a trip to the Central Market and IKEA.
He choose Irish Cheese, Flax Bread, Jazzy Java and a few more items from the market.

When we arrived home  on March 2nd, he displayed his goodies that several contributed to.
From IKEA, he found wood blocks for his carving table.  Joel and Jennifer gave him wine and a very special stool that he loved from the world market.
Flax,  prosciutto,  Chia Seed Bread with Olli's Pepper Garlic Salame .... man food stuff!
A new book to read, a stool to sit on, what more can a man want!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two Weeks in Plano

Covenant McKinney were sending their pastors Joel and Jennifer on a Holy Land Trip.  Ken and I were the appointed baby sitters while they were on their Pilgrimage.   We drove to McKinney for the Sunday 1:00 pm service.   After service we drove to the house to find water running through the vents and light fixture from upstairs.    Not a happy moment. 

 So after a week of fans running, dehumidifiers buzzing, holes being punched in the walls, ceiling and floors and finally tearing up the wood floor in the dining room and living room, the house was pronounced dry and free of any mold. 

There were fun times of play. 
There were dozens of Mondo the Monkey stories....even with banana splits. 
And there were a lot of funny faces.
One night we went to Top That Pizza.
Each person makes their pizza, bread, sauce and toppins exactly like they want.

Sydney had peperoni cheese. 
Blakely choose cheese cheese.

So Fun and we ate the whole pizza.

On Saturday there was a Brownie International Bazar. 

Cousins Elijah, Lily and Rosie came to visit  for the week end. 

We decided to have an early birthday celebration for Papa.
We celebrated with pizza, cake and icecream.