Monday, December 10, 2012

Branson For the Fourth Time

Can not remember ever going to Branson four  times in one year.  But that is what happened in 2012. 

We did not go at all last year so must  have been making up time.  It was my bright idea to take the Oklahoma Grandkids to Silver Dollar City this summer without their parents.   It started in March with a boy trip.  And the girl trip was not until August.  In between that, I purchased a groupon at a bed and breakfast for our wedding anniversary so that was trip three.
Then, there is the issue with our time shares.  We had a week which was use it or loose it this month.  So Ken booked it for Branson.   We tried to sell it without any success.  Could have really used the money for Christmas but instead, we decided to go for a few days alone.
The kids are in school still, the parents are all working and we don't have any guest passes to Silver Dollar City for November.   So off to Branson we went on Saturday, November 24th.  We were at the Marriette Willow Ridge.  It is a lovely place.  The perfect plact to take your family or grandkids to.  It was also a very restful and quiet time for just the two of us.   The resort is  on Green Mountain Road which runs along the back of the 76 strip.  So we could see across to the Raddisson where we stayed in August.

The Raddisson where we stayed in August.

View from our balcony