Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Best Gift

I know, I know, the best gift is always to give my "all" to Christ.  And I always want to do that.   But there is also the truth that in as much as you do it to the least of these, you are doing it unto Christ.
So this Christmas, the most exciting gift for Ken an myself is the one to two families living in Southeast Africa.  Through Asbury, we gave to two families in Tanzania  the ability to sustain their lively hood. The gift was to each family a Norwegian milk goat and 100 baby chicks with a rooster.  Such  small gift from such a wealthy life style that we Americans live in comparison to the poverty of other lands.  But so much fun to be able to share with someone I will never meet, will never see and perhaps never know the outcome.  It is the giving unto the Lord that makes it so exciting.   Thank God we are able....we are blessed.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our Christmas Gift to Each Other: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The pictures you are about to see are in no way a true rendition of what the live show was about.  I only took the small Fuji and we were sitting half way back in the BOK.  It is a miracle I got this much to share.
30 minutes before show time

The Story Teller of The Lost Christmas .... he was fantastic!
What is Christmas?  Tinseled fairy tales, day old stockings, lined up in a row.  What is Christmas ... Could someone tell me that?  What is Christmas?  Surely, I don't know.  And everywhere these lights who need to color night?  Could this whole thing be planned?  I do not understand.  This Christmas:  Trees with colored lights underneath they still are only trees.    Do you think that one day perhaps they might be kind of a disease.
Every year it's waiting for me.  Waiting for me. Every year it constantly defies placing strangers there before me, there before me.  Spreading hope and cheer mixed in with happiness.  Fraternal bliss and other Christmas lies!  And there is one more thing that I have discovered and I would now like you to know the reason for Christmas I now realize is an excuse to tolerate snow....SNOW!   I don't even like the sound of it anyway, where was I .. Oh yes!  What is Christmas?  Candles everywhere, a fire hazard any other day.  Children light them, no one seems to care all for Christmas.  Every year it returns here and every year it's waiting for me. Why can't Christmas disappear and just pretend it never saw me.  Every year I get my hopes up that it will somehow just leave, but every year I wake to find that once again it now is Christmas Eve.
FOR THE SAKE OF OUR BROTHER:  In a stable, in a manger in the cold winter's air, In the arms of His mother, a CHILD's lying there.   In a city, in a village, though the years have gone by, the Child still remains with the dream still close by.  And each year on this night that Child reawakens and each year on this night that hope re begins that the dream he has offered might one day be taken.
O' come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant. O' come ye, O' come ye to Bethlehem.  Come and adore HIM born the King of angels...................
What Child is this who laid to rest that I now find here sleeping?  Do angles keep the dreams we seek while our hears lie bleeding?  Could this be Christ the King whose every breath the angels bring?  Could this be the face of God this child, the son I once carried?

Christmas Canon Rock:  This night we pray our lives will show this dream he had each child still knows.  We are waiting, we have not forgotten, on this night, on this night, on this very Christmas Night.

After the Christmas Story Production, they showed us what all that sight and sound equipment really is capable of doing.  It was wild, loud and totally amazing.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fun Projects in Asheville

We are in Asheville.  Dan and Sommer are in Hawaii.  But we are having a blast with Ava and Carson.
Ava at Home in Asheville
Today is Sunday and we're getting ready for Church at C3.

 Sommer has their home decorated all pretty.
Decorataed for Christmas
Today, we are having an "early birthday party" because we will not see Ava or Carson on their Birthdays.

Carson, whose birthday is not until February, got a 'claw arcade machine'
Ava got the Apples to Apples game and a couple videos.

The Rain Forrest  in Maui

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 At Pa and Ma's House

The Scrivner Thanksgiving Clan

A new weird bird

And a very demanding puppy while we are working

Messy hands result in tasty Thanksgiving Feast

Now, was it really fair for Sommer to send me a beautiful photo of their Thanksgiving dessert?  Isn't this not beautiful beyond words.
Not on our table -- The Collier Dessert

Kevin, Devin, Bonita and Hailey

Krispie Turkeys
Elijah raked leaves so they could run and jump.