Sunday, March 25, 2012

When Your Son Turns Fifty-One

Today, we met with The Scrivs and the Scharpfs at a new restaurant in town ... Chuys Tex Mex.   We were celebrating Kevin's Birthday.  He will turn 51 in a couple of days.   Being a new eating place, the waiting times are long and even longer when there are 11 people to seat.   But they brought us chips and salsa even while we were waiting outside.  It was a 50 minute wait.

Waiting outside to be seated.

We finally were seated in a room with antique car photos and hub caps cover the ceiling.

There was no birthday cake today but Kevin received an ample supply of socks, underwear and a Star Wars 'emotion' shirt.   Just a Kevin kind of thing from April......
So here you are Kevin, all grown up and having lived 51 years of what life has had to offer you -- it's beauty, it's pitfalls, it goodness, it's joy and it's sadness.   God has been good to you, Kevin.  Fifty-one years ago, the doctors gave us little hope for your survial.  But you  are a fighter, a surviver and an overcommer.  Blessings on you and may the days ahead be the best days yet with a thousand wonderful surprises and fulfilled dreams.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN!  We all love you.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Groupon Anonymous

Cafe Ole' Dinner for Two

 Is there an Online Coupon Shoppers anonymous anywhere in town.  I think I might need to attend.

Pawcasso's Academy of Animal Art
  I have been having so much fun with Groupon and Living Social .... items half price. ..... things I may not necessarily buy ....  For example: we've tried three different grooming places for our puppy.  I had a massage (bought with the thought it was a gift for my daughter).
I've given all kinds of gifts to my husband:  taken him to new restaurants, purchased him a full day at a shooting range, car washes, oil changes, tire rotations, ear muffs, water bottles.

And then, of course,  the grand kids: purses,  jewelry,  hamburgers, painting classes, horseback riding lessons, Purple Glaze .......

Three 1-hour Riding Lessons
  Will this ever end?
I bought the first house cleaning I've ever paid for in my life.  Two ladies worked for four hours to clean my house for $79 plus a $30 tip.   They did a good job.  I may have broken through the phobia that someone else will see my dirt.
We've had our heating and air conditioning system serviced, $20 worth of food at the Fresh Market for $10 and the list  goes on and on.
Truly, the only bad deal I've gotten so far is the Cake Chics.  I saved that coupon for Christmas -- got gourmet (????) cupcakes and eclairs. Not good!  The eclairs ended up being tossed and the cupcakes were nothing special ..
I've given restaurant coupons away as gifts and haircuts as birthday presents.

Birthday Presents for the Grandkids
  Basically, it is fun because all I do is click a button and here it comes.   Feels like a kid that says, "Mommy, just use your credit card."
I do have a feeling it is time to put a halt to this.  OK, where is GROUPON ANONYMOUS meeting for me?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I know we don't live by our feelings. Yet lately my feelings are one of shallow self.... Not that kind of shallow where one judges another person based strictly on looks.....
It is more the interspection of seeing little depth within. I think I perceive most of my blogging as shallow.  And since my blogging is more a documentary of my days, it means perhaps  self  be  shallow.

When I read a blog of one battling cancer and calling chemo a new friend I am in awe. 
Or one of the pastors at Covenant Church in Carrollton, how she found herself in the depths of darkness and learned to rise victoriously.

Or my friend Carol, from 40 years ago, who perceives life through the spirit eyes
I have to ask myself, do I want others to discover my shallowness?  Should I hide the "ME"?  Why not, why not bear my soul for I am a creature of learning who has a long way yet to travel.  I am  one who seeks wisdom,  one who has so much more to become.  So MASTER TEACHER OF SELF  teach on while I continue to learn.  One day I will awake and find that shallow hole I've been digging has grown  deep.