Thursday, July 5, 2012


Isn't Independence Day America's Birthday ---- the signing of the Declaration of Independence?   Yes it is, so why do we call it July 4th.  People say Happy July 4th.  Why don't we say 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA" or "HAPPY INDEPENDENCE".    We don't say Merry December 25 so why happy July 4th.    We think of BBQs, picnics, fireworks, family gathering but we forget our independence, we forget our soldiers, we forget our forefathers, and most of all we forget THE GOD WHO GAVE US FREEDOM. 

How far have we fallen,  our lives were so easy that we were lulled into a stuper while we lost freedom after freedom......schools with no prayer, no true GOD,  rights to abort babies because of loose morality and perverted and unclean living, perversion in gender unity..... on and on we slowly allowed unglodly men take over our choices as we became complacent and in a stuper.