Monday, May 28, 2012

Today is Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, the holiday set aside to remember those who have given their lives for our freedom.  In reality, there is a whole lot of 'first day of summer' kind of celebrating going on,and this year, people are flocking to the lakes by the thousands. 
I never was much for going to cemeteries or for putting flowers on graves.  I drive by and see flowers everywhere -- but our loved ones are not really there.   I just never developed an appreciation for that custom.   The past is over and I hope I've learned the lessons in life I should  learn, but life is all about living today to the fullness of God's blessing.  It is about making myself line up with God's Word and being more and more Christ-like each day.  Living a Christ-like. life  would be MEMORABLE.     

Today, I am working a six-hour shift at the Sorenson Call Center.  I've noticed the calls are a tiny bit slower -- people  are out and about.  But the major topic of the day is either no awareness that this is a holiday, or plans for cooking out.   So we have another holiday that has turned into a food fest -- this one concentration on BBQ or grilling.  The reason why I opted to work today is for the money....strictly about worldly cash ..... time and a half.    Ha-ha.

Perky Pimento Cheese

 Now I have done a bit of activity in the kitchen

In preparation for a cook out at the Scharph's home, I did potato salad, watermelon slices and Perky Pimento Cheese made with pepper jack cheese and sharp cheddar.  It was a hit. 
 The Scharpf Family went berry picking along with Bonita and her kids.  They picked Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries.  April is showing me the size of the berries.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Book of Job

Earth Closest To The Moon Day: Lunar Perigee
 In our Bible studies this week, we've been reading the book of Job.  Oh my, I have such a tremendous admiration for that man by the name of Job.  He had no Bible, no written directions, he lived by faith and his relationship with His God.  And God was so pleased with Job.
I can not imagine the devastation of serving a loving God and possible no knowledge of Satan's tricks on the faithful and then loosing every single thing you have.  Probably even God was silent during that time.  And then to be stricken with such a horrible disease probably similar to the man eating flesh yet, Job was not allowed to die.  Is there anything worse than loosing you children your source of livelihood, everything except a wife that recommends you curse God and Die.

Closer to Earth than its been in 18 years in its eliptical orbit.
 I'm impressed with his three friends as well.  They get a bad name later in the book but how many friends do humans have today that would come and sit with you in your pain and despair for seven days and nights and never say one word -- just mourn and suffer with you.    I don't know if I would do that for a friend but I hope I would care enough about a friend in a time of darkness.
The beautiful part of Job is even though he questioned and begged to die, he never turned against God.  It seems that God knew Job could handle anything that the devil could bring him. I know there is a lot more meaning to be learned from the Book of Job, but for now, this much is amazing for me.  Just to trust God no matter how challenging life becomes and just to be a friend to God and mankind is a humongous goal to have.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

BBQ 'n Blues in Bixby, America

Not far from where I live is a little 'farm' town known as Bixby, Oklahoma.  When the children were young, we use to go pick green beans, corn, strawberries and the such.  It was also a favorite pecan shopping location.  Today Bixby, while still small, has grown.  And yesterday, Ken and I took the short drive to visit the  BBQ 'n Blues 11th Annual celebration.  We were interested in the tasting experience of the 93 some contestants.  But we did not read the fine print and that was today at noon.  We missed that part.  It was still a fun experience.

This was about the time we discovered that were were not going to get a lot of samples. but Some restaurants were selling BBQ and we ended up trying Bobs Pig Wings.  Actually, we ate pulled pork.  Ken said it was just 'so-so' and he would know.
The Roland Bowling Bank was playing so we sat and listened to them for a short time.  Ken like their Blues enough that he bought their 2-CDs and a T-Shirt special for only $10.   After coming home and listeneing to the CDs -- he commented, well, it's a nice T-shirt.

We walked through the various BBQ Team Contestants as they cooked their wares for the judges.

Here is my favorite BBQ display.  That pig is saying, come on, I dare you to eat me.