Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two Weeks in Plano

Covenant McKinney were sending their pastors Joel and Jennifer on a Holy Land Trip.  Ken and I were the appointed baby sitters while they were on their Pilgrimage.   We drove to McKinney for the Sunday 1:00 pm service.   After service we drove to the house to find water running through the vents and light fixture from upstairs.    Not a happy moment. 

 So after a week of fans running, dehumidifiers buzzing, holes being punched in the walls, ceiling and floors and finally tearing up the wood floor in the dining room and living room, the house was pronounced dry and free of any mold. 

There were fun times of play. 
There were dozens of Mondo the Monkey stories....even with banana splits. 
And there were a lot of funny faces.
One night we went to Top That Pizza.
Each person makes their pizza, bread, sauce and toppins exactly like they want.

Sydney had peperoni cheese. 
Blakely choose cheese cheese.

So Fun and we ate the whole pizza.

On Saturday there was a Brownie International Bazar. 

Cousins Elijah, Lily and Rosie came to visit  for the week end. 

We decided to have an early birthday celebration for Papa.
We celebrated with pizza, cake and icecream.

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