Monday, April 15, 2013

RAMBLINGS ... THIS OLE' BODY IS GROWING OLD .... The battle to overcome.

I no longer conform to this world -- I am transformed by renewing my mind. By renewing my mind, I prove what is God's will is for my life and I accomplish HIS GOOD PLEASURE AND HIS PERFECT WILL in my behalf. Romans 12:2
Joel Gave me a Shepherds Crook to get rid of muscle knots.
 As I grow older, there seem to be added challenges - body, mind, soul, spirit.  All tied together.... the aches, the pains and the stuff  I've tried to over come
 So here is how I deal with growing old in body:
Chiropractors, vibrator machines for the neck, the back the feet.
I feel like we pretty much have tried it all at some time or another.
Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar daily in a glass of filtered water.
Eight to ten glasses of water a day.

Ken provided foot and back vibrators.

I eat all of the below mentioned foods with great faith.

I've tried reflexology on both hand and foot
I've grown familiar with all the foods that fight that nasty inflammation that tries to settle in my joints.

One remedy that Ken has insisted on is the yellow raisins in a flask of Gin. Soak raisins 7 days then eat nine raisins daily. (These raisins were so old they lost their Golden.)
Yellow Raisins and Gin work pretty good
And then there is that Omegas from fish, glorious fish.
Ever cooked one of these before

Then there is the hot wax machine.

The bike, ball and trampoline for  indoor activities.

What about the orthotics -- you know, the shoe inserts

Love that Fresh Fruit

Avacados, Bananas, Fresh Ginger Root

Real Cinnamon and Raw Honey Treatments

Or protein shakes.....even green smoothies.

Spinach Smoothies

Green is Good
 Then there are exercise tools.  But what it all boils down to, is only God -- my Great Healer and being grounded in Him and His WORD.  I am whole.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Out with the toxic, in with the health good.  And life is GOOD.   I am picturing my life and comparing it to our beautiful Leyland Cypress Trees we have in our back yard.  

Crab Cakes and fresh Fruit

At one time there were eight of them and they were beautiful.  Then the ice storm hit and their roots were too shallow.  Five of them fell.  Ken proped them up repeatedly until they rebelled and gave up.  It left us with three beautiful Leyland Cypress.  Then there were two years of drought here in Oklahoma and it weakened the three healthy ones.  So the Seiridium Canker attack came and we ignored it.  If only we had cut those dead brown branches out one at a time as they attact -- but we ignored it.  And it spread.

Salads -- Ahi in this one.

And so does our lives go.   One little toxic thought and it is ignored.  Another comes and then another until our branches are dying.    God by your grace and with determination The Canker of my life has to go.   I'm clipping it out along with those healthy tools of vibrators, good foods and plenty of exercise.

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