Saturday, May 11, 2013

Flourish in Carrollton

I did something this week that definitely took me past my comfort zone.  I found a friend, Janie and we drove to Carrollton Texas for a Women's Conference.   Once the registration was done, I thought more times than I care to admit about backing out.  It was stretching those stinkin 'hermit' tendencie.
We drove down on Wednesday afternoon and checked in at the Marriott at the Gallaria.  Had a bit of a challenge in the traffic, construction and the GPS which obviously is out of date.  We found the hotel just in time to check in, use the bathroom and arrive maybe 30 minutes late to a very large packed crowd, extremely loud praise music, light sticks waving and balls bouncing throughout the auditorium and the big lighted words across the front saying "MOVE".    We had to sit at the very back. 

Thursday was the first full day.  The theme MOVED to" LOVE"  and we had much better seats.  The morning sesson was Pastor Kathy and she tought about growing your garden,  IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SOIL.  

Then Dr Carolyn Leaf spoke twice on Thursday.  A scientist from South Africe, she has a keen insite to the brain and God and how science is catching up with the Bible.
There was an abundance of thanksgiving, praise and worship.

I introduced Janie to Sam Moon as she was looking for a new purse.  She found her purse and we played pretend with the hats.  Silly us.   It was Janies birthday tomorrow.
So on Saturday we drove home and had lunch at Petes Place in Krebs or McAlester.  The service was all family style, and way too pricie for the quality of the food, the ambiance of the old home and old decor was a lot of fun and we were placed in a tiny private room all to ourselves.  Happy Birthday Janie.  Thanks for going with me.
Each day we received little gifts.  This candle was very special.

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