Friday, March 1, 2013

When One Hits Seventy-Five

Ken's 75th birthday was celebrated in Plano several ways.
The Scharpf's came down for the weekend so we decided to have an early mini celebration.  We did pizza, ice cream and cake. 
75 candles might have burned the house no candles.

On the actual day, Ken  chose a trip to the Central Market and IKEA.
He choose Irish Cheese, Flax Bread, Jazzy Java and a few more items from the market.

When we arrived home  on March 2nd, he displayed his goodies that several contributed to.
From IKEA, he found wood blocks for his carving table.  Joel and Jennifer gave him wine and a very special stool that he loved from the world market.
Flax,  prosciutto,  Chia Seed Bread with Olli's Pepper Garlic Salame .... man food stuff!
A new book to read, a stool to sit on, what more can a man want!

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