Monday, January 14, 2013

Cousin VADA Turns Seventy Five

Doan and Carrie invited us to their beautiful home in Oklahoma City for a surprise Birthday Dinner for Vada.   Doan wanted to surprise her Mom. 
I did not realize it was to be a full dinner but ooooooohhhh was it beautiful and delicious.  Pork Loin, and all the trimmings.   Love that home cooked dinner. 
The guys were called to the dinner table soon after we arrived. 
After dinner, it was time for Vada to open her gifts.
Don and Mary gave Vada a beautiful Mum with ladybugs all over it. 

The Turtle Cake was to die for!
Ken brought a stack of Auntie Edith's old photo albums and everyone enjoyed looking at pictures from many years ago. 
I wanted a photo of the hosts, Doan and Carrie and this is what they showed me. 
But then the 'love birds' did turn around. 

Come on, give me a kiss. 

Smooching an't too bad. 

A beautiful Mother - Daughter Moment. 

Vada is 6 weeks older than Ken.  When they were young, she reminded him that she was the elder .... now he reminds her. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Gift of A Date Night

Kevin and family, gave us a great Christmas gift.....a DATE!
We started by visiting Barnes and Nobel book store for a coffee and a time with the books.  Ken had looked at the movie time wrong so we had a couple of hours.

After a fun time in the book store and a random roam through Old Navy, we decided to go for the Pizza.  Top That was a new place for us but IT WAS GOOD!    I went for the Basil Pesto, Italian sausage, mushroom and black olive pizza with a salad.  Of course Ken needed all meat. 

Even the salad was a 'select 3 topings' deal.  Who can guess which belonged to which of us. 
Now we were closer to the time that the movie started and we headed around the corner to the AMC .... all were in the same 41st street area of town.  Pretty cool. 
You guessed it, James Bond 007 in Skyfall.   A lot of action and suspense for a couple of ole' guys. 

Thanks Kevin, Devin and Hailey, we had a wonderful time.