Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our Family Christmas is Complete

On New Year's Day, our Dallas children came to visit us.  They were the only ones we had not yet seen during the holidays.  They arrived in the evening around 7:00.  We starting celebrating with Jennifer's favorite, Re-Li for dinner.

Sydney brought little Brown Kitty with her to visit us.

And they brought the newest member of the family,
little Sophia, their Chinese Pug which Santa Brought.

And Blakely came to visit Nana and Papa.  She is now eight months old, has two bottom teeth, and is starting to sit up and likes to roll around on the floor.

The next morning, Sydney had breakfast in the sunroom.

And she entertained Blakely.  Sydney is a wonderful big sister.   Later on Saturday, the cousins all came over to visit and play.  It was a lot of fun being together.   And it made our Christmas complete.

On Sunday morning,  we did Church with Covenant on line.  This is Joel worshiping God while he stretches his back.

And Sydney decided she prefered Veggie Tales for Church.  So she worshipped in the livingroom.

And Blakely decided she would participate in the worship on Daddy's tummy while he stretched out his back and worshipped God.

Then Paster Mike served communnion.  And we participated with the on line service.  Papa had gone to Asbury this morning as he was on duty this Sunday.

Then Mommie Jennifer got up and she did church on line and fed Blakely.

After lunch, it was time to pack up and start back to Dallas in hopes that Blakely would sleep for a very long time in the car.

So the car is packed and the family is ready to leave so we hug and kiss and say good-bye and thank you, thank you, thank you for coming to visit  us.  It means so much to the Papa and the Nana.

The girls ride in the back seat together.

And daddy is the driver.  Here, Daddy looks very cold.
This coming month is a very busy month for our Joel Scriv Family.  They are buying a home and hope to be moved in by the end of January.   Blessings on them!

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