Thursday, January 28, 2010

I hope the weatherman is wrong!

Snow..klahoma Where the cold front's sweepin' down the plain. And the piles of sleet, beneath your feet Follow right behind the freezing rain. Snow..klahoma Ev'ry night my honey lamb and I Travel home from work and hope some jerk Doesn't wreak our car in passing by.We know we belong to the land But it could use some more salt and more sand. That's why we say...WHOA! We're sliding the the other way..YIKES! We're only sayin' Your slick as snot Snowklahoma. Snowklahoma SNOW_K_L_A_H_O_M_A Snowklahoma Snow_K

Well a thousand electrical workers were brought in from other states to help us, as the weather prediction was gloomy. And every generator in every store was sold out yesterday.  And we do have freezing rain plus some sleet and today (Friday) it is snowing -- but nothing like they thought was coming. 
The workers are moving on to other areas and our own electricions are handling the ice damages.  Thank God, our prayers were answered.     Ken did drive me to work today so that I would not have to scrape ice and snow off my car when I get off work this evening.   I'll just walk out the door and climb into a nice warm VW Bug.    Thaks to my darling  he takes good care of me!

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