Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Peaceful Christmas Day

Here is how Ken and I spent our very quiet and peaceful Christmas Day. Celebration with family was done. And we were snowed in. We slept when we wanted, got up, Ken played with Babe as much as he wanted.
1. Icicle 2 or 3 feet long at Kitchen Window
2. Sweet burning Candles
3. Playful puppy now 4 months old
4. Beautiful view of snow
5. New soft jammys from Joel and Jen
6. Car stuck in driveway going no where
7. Angel doll to remind us of Sommer
8. Neighbors visited (Rachel)
9. Warm fireplace
10. Pepper lights on our tree
11. Beautiful Red Bird
12. Lite tree on stairway landing

I was scheduled to work at the Call Center but I could not get into the uncleared parking lot, so I stayed in all day -- actually stayed in two days. It was nice .... do what want ... eat when want ... listen to Christmas music all day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESUS, THIS IS YOUR DAY!
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