Friday, January 15, 2010

My Sisters - My Family And Friends

It is amazing how very important family becomes with age and time.   I find myself feeling the need to go and vist my syblings more and more with time.    Perhaps loosing three precious ones this past year was a major awakening to the fact that time is fleeting and we are growing older.
My Sisters came to visit on January 4th.  Sarah had spent over three weeks in Wyoming with her son Bob and then came to Oklahoma for 10 days with Bud and Me.  
It was a wonderful time for all of us.  First we had a get together at my house with a few friends.   Actually there were about 13 of us.  I was so glad that I had friends to invite who knew how to sign.  And some Deaf friends came as well.       I cooked jambalya and potato/corn soup along with a few other things and it was good as our weather was very cold.   In the past year both of my elder sister have lost their spouses:  our beloved Scott Snyder and our beloved Jim Hardy.                                                                                                       Of course the camera was out so we had photos of Bud and Barbie, Ken and myself posing with Sarah and Paula.     
There was a second party on Sunday night with Bud and my children.      You will see two of Bud and Barbie's children:  Kim Hudson who lives in Mounds, OK and then Buddy 3rd who lives in Broken Arrow with his wife Beverly and three of their four girls were with us;  Jessica, Brittany and Rebecca.      Both Kevin and April's family joined us as well.         There was a visit to Bud 3rd house and a Mexican dinner.                             We visited the Deaf Praise Assembly on Sunday for church.     and the evening before Sarah left to return home, she treated us to dinner at Mimi's Cafe.         I didn't get to attend, but Bud and Barbie took our sisters out to Kim's home.   The highlight for Bud was his ride on the ATV.     Someday Ken and I might even visit as there are ponys, goats, dogs and cats in abundance I hear.    Sarah had a new hair cut and it changed her looks so much that we had to shoot more photos.  And  show off her youthfulness.    Sarah left on January 14th and we miss her so much.   However, Paula is still with us in Oklahoma until the 25th so there will be more fun events and times of bonding to share.   We love you sisters, Sarah and Paula.

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  1. Hi Jean, thanks so much for sending this blog...I really enjoyed reading all of your stories. Very Interesting! I do miss you, all very much. I really enjoyed my visit with you, all family so much...Love ya, Sarah