Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Sisters Lady's Day Out

Today, three sisters had a LADY'S DAY OUT celebration.  Barbie said this was her first time for a Lady's Day Out.

We started by meeting at Cheddars for lunch. 

Paula was concerned that brother Bud might feel left out so he was allowed to participate in the lunch part only.  Then when Ken learned Buddy was allowed, he wanted to join.   

The baked potato soup was a big hit.   Ken always orders the chicken tender salad, so Paula tried that as well.     Bud and Barbie had the club sandwiches with the baked potatoe soup. 

Once lunch was over, the men had to leave.

Next we visted Atwoods looking for western duds for Paula.   The other day she bought her first pair of blue jeans.   She looked at Drysdales for boots and hats but they were not for her.   But at Atwoods, Paula hit the jackpot.

Can you picture this Grandma with her western hat, boots, shirt and jeans.   She is thinking of wearing them on the plane back home.  Her grandchildren are going to love seeing their Grandma turn Okie.

Next we visited the mall for manicures and pedicures. 

It was Barbie's first pedicure.  And she had this little man who liked her and gave her special favor with flowers on her toes.
We teased Barbie that she was flirting with him -- actually she was teaching him signs. 

Being new, Barbie had to have her toes redone three times.   The man teased her that it was OK, he had plenty of time but if it happened the next time she came in, he might bite her..

The only thing missing was our Sister Sarah.  We should have done this before she left town.

I will admit that by the end, we were a little bit tired.  On the way home, we stopped for a latte and/or mocha.

Happy Lady's Day Out to Us!


  1. Oh my goodness! What a fun day you ladies had! I love the stories! That is great!

    Sounds just like my mom to "flirt" with the nail man! Teaching him signs! Thats what she always says! Ha ha!

    I also love that Paula is loading up on Western duds! What great memories! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Jean, thanks so much for sending this blog...I really enjoyed reading all of your stories. Very Interesting! I do miss you, all very much. I really enjoyed my visit with you, all family so much...Love ya, Sarah