Sunday, March 25, 2012

When Your Son Turns Fifty-One

Today, we met with The Scrivs and the Scharpfs at a new restaurant in town ... Chuys Tex Mex.   We were celebrating Kevin's Birthday.  He will turn 51 in a couple of days.   Being a new eating place, the waiting times are long and even longer when there are 11 people to seat.   But they brought us chips and salsa even while we were waiting outside.  It was a 50 minute wait.

Waiting outside to be seated.

We finally were seated in a room with antique car photos and hub caps cover the ceiling.

There was no birthday cake today but Kevin received an ample supply of socks, underwear and a Star Wars 'emotion' shirt.   Just a Kevin kind of thing from April......
So here you are Kevin, all grown up and having lived 51 years of what life has had to offer you -- it's beauty, it's pitfalls, it goodness, it's joy and it's sadness.   God has been good to you, Kevin.  Fifty-one years ago, the doctors gave us little hope for your survial.  But you  are a fighter, a surviver and an overcommer.  Blessings on you and may the days ahead be the best days yet with a thousand wonderful surprises and fulfilled dreams.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN!  We all love you.

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