Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I know we don't live by our feelings. Yet lately my feelings are one of shallow self.... Not that kind of shallow where one judges another person based strictly on looks.....
It is more the interspection of seeing little depth within. I think I perceive most of my blogging as shallow.  And since my blogging is more a documentary of my days, it means perhaps  self  be  shallow.

When I read a blog of one battling cancer and calling chemo a new friend I am in awe. 
Or one of the pastors at Covenant Church in Carrollton, how she found herself in the depths of darkness and learned to rise victoriously.

Or my friend Carol, from 40 years ago, who perceives life through the spirit eyes
I have to ask myself, do I want others to discover my shallowness?  Should I hide the "ME"?  Why not, why not bear my soul for I am a creature of learning who has a long way yet to travel.  I am  one who seeks wisdom,  one who has so much more to become.  So MASTER TEACHER OF SELF  teach on while I continue to learn.  One day I will awake and find that shallow hole I've been digging has grown  deep.

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  1. Wow... and this coming from someone with more depth of character and faith than most people I know?!?

    We like to hear about what's going on in your life. That includes, but doesn't always have to be, the deep recesses of your soul. :)

    Love you!!