Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday vs April Fools Day

It is Palm Sunday.  We attend church on Saturday evenings.  Nothing mentioned about it in Church.  But this morning Ken is at Asbury Methodist and you can bet it will be remembered in their service.  I watched Covenant Church streaming and was reminded of the great day.  I remember those cherished traditions of years before when we waved palm branches and walked the isles and sang of the glories of the Christ who would die for our sins and would rise again for our salvation and our life.  I miss those old traditions which have been replaced with new one designed to bring in the crowds.   And that is OK.   Let the traditions change. 

And so spring is here in all it's beauty.  I love the dogwood.  Our baby tree is showing God's faithfulness and I love the legend of the Dogwood with it's wounded pedals.    I wonder if that is the April Fools joke on those who crucified our Christ.
When the Jewish waved their palm branches, they were shouting Hozanna for a King who would overthrow the Romans.  April Fool to you:  Jesus was coming to be a Messiah for our sin!
"Prepare for God's arrival?  Make the road straight and smooth, a highway fit for our God.  :  Isaiah 40:
Blessed is HE WHO comes in the Name of the Lord.

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