Saturday, October 9, 2010

Seventy-Two Years .... What's To Do When You're Not A Party Animal?

Been thinking.....seems that somewhere around the age of 65 and 70 all birthdays should cease.  If 65 is retirement age, I'd like to not make such a deal of  the day after that age.    Guess it is a quirky weird wish.   I would like to celebrate life however.  I am very grateful to be alive and well.   And perhaps when I reach ninety, I'll want to celebrate the age and the date again ...... maybe.  
So, yesterday was my 72nd birthday and it was a good day.   I have so much to thank God for....HIS LOVE....HIS LIFE.....HIS GUIDANCE AND CARE....TRUST.....FAMILY.....FRIENDS  MY PRECIOUS HUBBY, KEN.  And the list could go on and on.   
Thinking back, the celebration of my birth first began in Greenville when we visited Bill and Nell.  They took Ken and I out for Lunch as a birthday celebration. Then ice cream and a Happy Birthday Song.   I talked a little about this in my
We had a wonderful time together talking, re-acquainting, and of course, eating.  Bill loaned me a book he had just finished reading:  Deeanne Gist's Maid to Match  that I am reading right now.  It is written from the perspective of the Vanderbilt servants at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville.   I love reading the book.
Then we visited the Ellers, Bonnie and Jim in Barnwell and talked more about birthdays and growing older.  There were some opinions expressed about aging in we agreed the aging process is real and can not be stopped.  However, we expect Jesus to come and rapture us before too much longer.    Oh how we long for that glorious day.   Goodbye creaky bones.  Oh, incidentally Bonnie made us a pie...lucky for us, this one was low sugar.

Next there was an early birthday celebration in Asheville at the Collier home October 1st,  Friday evening before we left to return home on Saturday morning.  Sommer prepared one of my favorites:  bun cha, crunchy salad and apple pie with almond crust.     Here I received my first Microplane zester and nutmeg grater.  I just love kitchen gadgets and have already been using them.  Ava made me a purse with woven potholders for my cell phone.
During that week we had talked about how to celebrate an early birthday.  Fun Depot sounded like a good plan but I opted out on that one much to Ava and Carson's dismay.   I chose dinner and games and we all had a ton of fun playing UNO.

Birthday morning the Scharpf family dropped by with special cards, posters and gifts.  A Gerber Daisey plant, Raspberry Cake, handmade soap and angel plaque.   They were on their way to the Tulsa State Fair and I was on my way to a job.

There were lots of calls and birthday wishes.  I heard from my boys, both Kevin and Joel.  I completed my job, returned home.  Ken and I went to Oliveta for lunch.  I had a birthday coupon for a free Greek pizza, we shared the spaghetti and were too full for the dessert, so took the cheese cake home for later.    We took in a few antique shops on Cherry Street, went home and took a Happy Birthday nap (a special treat indeed).   
Ken prepared a pork tenderloin on the grill with roasted veggies and I went to a workshop for needed CEU's on the evening of my day.  There was another Happy Birthday song and a cupcake.  Oh and Ken gave me more of my favorite -- kitchen gadgets, hard cheese grater, stainless measuring cups and spoons, multi colored spatulas, etc.   You do remember, I love kitchen stuff.
Working Sorenson today and another Birthday cake for all four of us "S" interpreters who have October Birthdays --- and more cards.  So, seventy-two years have been properly and adequately celebrated.  Way more than enough calories have been consumed.   I Love my life and as soon as I get off from the call center (10 more minutes) I'm off to meet Ken at church where we will celebrate our Saviour and HIS love for us together!   
So the final big Hurrah took place on Sunday evening when  the Scharpfs came over to help us eat the cake they had brought over on Friday.  We had soup and sandwiches and then the cake.    Lily decorated my nails with grapes and a butterfly.  The girls love to rub Papa's head and Elijah showed us his favorite hairdo.  No more celebration of 72 years, so now seventy-three years, here I come!  
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  1. Thank you for telling us a wonderful story of your birthday parties. Sarah and I enjoyed reading your story and pictures were great. Thanks again. Love, Paula and Sarah