Friday, October 22, 2010

Bet You Didn't Know.....Old People Sometimes Go Out Every Single Night.

This is a busy week for Ken and I.  On top of working everyday.  We have something every night this week. Work Monday night. Tuesday evening was another  Philbrook Jazz Concert, Wednesday was Church and Thursday was the Amy Grant concert.  (Reported on below)  Tonight was our OASIS annual trip to the Thanksgiving Amish Dinner in Choteau.  There is always a greeting of odors as we exit the bus ....cow manure outside and apple pie inside.  . 

Three bus loads traveled to Choteau to the Miller Farm.
Below the Farm house you will see our leader, Scott Bloom and some of our Dinner Friends.  The white hair lady is Nadine Bastian.  Not shown are her husband Dick and new friends sitting beside us, Bob and Linda Wilson.  The place is powered by gas light bulbs which put off enormous heat
So this is someones plate full of Amish Comfort Food served family style.  Starting with cole slaw, potatoes, noodle, stuffing, green beans, oven fried chicken, turkey and gravy.  Oh, not shown is the hot roll and apple butter.
Do you believe that SOMEONE actually ate the whole thing.
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