Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It Has Been Almost A Full Year

Yes, we have not seen our North Carolina children since last November.  So that long awaited day arrived when we packed up the car and took off to visit Dan, Sommer, Ava, Carson and Kona.  The drive is long - but we did it again ... leaving Saturday and arriving Sunday late afternoon.   The most beautiful part of the drive begins around Knoxville.  But the best part is once we see that long awaited Welcome to North Carolina sign among the rolling hills and sweet smells.
No matter that the windshield is bug infested and dirty, the camera finally comes with total excitement that we will soon be there.
The tunnels are the signature icon of being very close to Asheville.
After following Sommer's Food Blog for the past nine months, we have the pleasure of sampling her fine creations.   Anything she prepares is a treat.   Flank Steak Salad!
Welcome to Kenilworth Road.
The kids have school in the morning, so bed time comes real soon.    Ava is beyond excited and proudly displays her pj's for us.
We do have to play Monopoly before going up to bed.....well, the shortened version.
Plenty of time for play in the days to come.  Since I have a separate ScrivTravels Blog simply for traveling documentation, I will reserve most of the trip report to that site.

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