Friday, October 22, 2010

Broken Arrow Has Something New

The Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center has been open less than a year and last night Ken and I made our first visit to the BA PAC for their first ever packed-out night.  The PAC seats 1500 people and Ken was told we bought the last seats ... on the very top row with less than knee space leg room.    Here we are up on the third level looking down the catwalk or balcony (whichever it is caller.)
Very Interesting design and fun to visit.
Amy Grant travels with  a five-piece musical group plus her step daughter, Jenny-back up singer.  Amy reported that she will turn 50 years old in 35 days and has been singing the same songs for 33 years.  The show consisted of 2 hours of both new and old music along with stories and talk.  It was very enjoyable.   Funny thing, the participants were the older generation, probably Amy Grants age and older.

OK, I know you can not see anything -- this is the best I could get on my little 5-year old Samsung cell phone..  And this was zoomed all the way in.  It really is pretty high.  Ken's IPhone does better but he has not learned how to email photos or zoom in yet.

OK here is from Ken's new IPhone

But here it is, the BAPAC from the top row -- high up and not comfortable seats.  We had  tiny binoculars which helped a tiny bit.   I think Ken was far more uncomfortable than me because he could not move his knee.
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