Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Son Who Never Gives Up

Joel ran a 26.2 Marathon today with no one there cheering him on.   Everyone who trained with him, got injured.              He said he ran it in 3 hours 55 minutes -- the winner from Kenya who ran (barefoot?) finished in 2 hours.     He reports that the first 20 miles he felt great.  Then, at mile 23 he  what runners call  "hit the wall' and thought he was going to die.   "I wanted to quit so bad but I knew I would not quit."   somewhere around mile 25 he recovered and finished the race.  For the next four hours he was so sick, it felt like food poisening.       What a fighter you are, Joel!   That bulldog determination has to come from God.


  1. Congratulations! Bonita's Uncle James just ran a Marathon here in Tulsa a couple weeks ago. He's trying to run one in every state. Maybe he and Joel can hook up and run together.

    Kevin S.

  2. By the way that was Joel's first attempt at 26.2 miles and an excellent time in his initial attempt. Great job, Joel.

  3. Yup. That's the story. I just saw on tv the winner had shoes but there were others barefoot. Today I can barely walk!! My Dr prescribed me something for the pain but it was after hours and I couldn't get pick it up. So he told me to drink whiskey!! Ha ha. I didn't have any of that either. Too bad.
    Joel Scrivner

  4. A note from Joel: "I came through at 3:55 minutes! I felt great for the first 20 miles. At 23 I thought I was going to die! I barely made it. But...I made it. Then I felt like I had food poisoning for the next 4 hours. Now I just feel like I got hit by a bus!"

  5. Wow, congrats!
    I am doing good to do my 2 mile walk.