Thursday, December 24, 2009

From Our House to Yours

Christmas Eve was a great day ... a lazy day for me and I loved it. We met April, Dave, Elijah, lily, Rosie, Kevin, Bonita, Devin and Hailey at our Church "Christmas with Family" Service. It had started sleeting at 3:00 PM (Kayla's family were not able to make it.) The service was wonderful and when we exited, we had snow. We were all invited to the Scharpf home for a Christmas Eve Supper. Yummy food and lots of fun playing games: pictionary, charades, bingo. Because of the weather, we decided we had better all get home. OH MY, DID WE HAVE TROUBLE GETTING OUT! We were beginning to wonder if we were going to have to sleep on Aprils floor. But after, much pushing, shoveling, digging, kitty litter and more pushing and pushing, they got us out and we arrive safely home. Kevin and Bonita's car handled the snow better than ours did and they made it home safely as well. We are all happy to be in our warm safe houses. It is a great Christmas! Thank you God, for sending your Son into our world so that we can have Peace on Earth and Good Will. We love our life because your are the Lord of us.  Posted by Picasa

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