Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ever Attended A Baby Dedication On Line?

Well, it does not work too great but it was better than nothing. Blakely O'Neal Scrivner, 7 months old, had her formal dedication this Morning. We were not there but thought we could view it on line streaming. We had the camera ready to shoot at the computer screen. How crazy are some grandparents! We saw her photo on the screen as they announced her name, heard the participants cheering for Blakely but we never saw her. Ken took a couple shots of a blonde thinking it was Mommie Jennifer. But it was not her and the baby was not Blakely.

Now I'm told they were directly in the center in front of Pastor Hayes. Maybe that is why we did not get a camera angle -- the camera's must have been shooting from the sides so that we could see other babies but find Blakely (not Waldo) in the fuzzy pictures when we shot at the Monitor.

Our hearts and spirits were there with you Blakely. And we do promise to be a vital part in your training for God. God bless Blakely!
Click on photo to blow up and try to find Blakely, Joel, Jennifer, Sydney and possible Diana and Charlie.Posted by Picasa

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  1. We all watched too. We thought we got a glimps of Joel and Jen a couple of times and the top of Blakely's head. It was hard to tell. We were with you in spirit.

    Love you,
    The Scharpfs