Monday, August 31, 2009

That Deck Is Still Not Done

I love flowers. I have to tell you, I love them a lot. So among the mess on our back deck there is still beauty to behold .... Yes, I planted these, but God made them to grow.
Thank you God for caring so much about us that you allow us to enjoy the beauty of your creation.

But there is still beauty on our back deck.

Some of the carpentry work was not perfect, so Ken made them rip it up and do it again. Oh Dear!
The side deck is disappearing but there will be a new one soon.

We put the bromeliad out on the back deck and it bloomed this year. It makes us long for Hawaii. That is where we first saw these blooming in the Rain Forrest. I feel ready to take off right now. ....... Oh, did someone say that now that we are investing in home improvements, I have to stay here and work?
So there you have it, instead of a trip to Hawaii this year, we get a deck. So I will sit on my deck and close my eyes and dream of the vivid blue ocean, the soft warm breezes, I hear the birds chirping, the waves gently splashing as the tide comes in and goes out. Hawaii is wonderful on my restored new deck.

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