Friday, August 14, 2009

Millie's Tribute

It's been two or three years now when Ken and I were visiting all our brothers and sisters. At Bill and Millie's home as we were leaving, we commented on how pretty the flowers were in Millie's front flower bed. Millie explained they were Mexican Petunias and they would take over a garden if you allowed.
Later, in the fall, we received in the mail from Millie a package wrapped in a heavy tube with wet newspapers around the inside and in a glass-like container. It was a start of Millie's Mexican Petunias. During the winter, I put them in a pot of soil inside the house and in the spring I set mine out in the front corner of my flowerbed just like Millie had hers. Each year they have spread a little more (though they have not yet taken over.)
Some of the plants are now as tall as me and stand erect and proud. Each morning there are a few blossoms and when the sun gets hot the flower falls off and the next morning there are more new blossoms. I have them in front of my elephant ears which also try to take over and grow as big as a baby elephant. (You will also see in the corner of this picture that Ken is starting his own Banana Grove. He started with one and kept it in the garage during the winter. Now he has four Banana Trees.)
I think the Mexican Petunia reminds me of the victorious child of God. We are renewed every morning, always growing, we are survivors. When life gets tough and we are bruised or knocked about, we bounce back. The beauty of God's wonder shines brightly in our faces as we share and reveal the love of Christ. We are winners, victorious and we continue to grow and spread God beauty with each passing year.
I'm not sure, some may call the Mexican Petunia a weed but to me, it is another testimony of our loving heavenly Father.
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