Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ever Had a Helicopter Land In Your Back Yard?

Well, believe me, they are very loud and stir up a lost of dust on a hot Oklahoma Morning.
Ken was on the back deck after a calm morning in the hot tub.
I was suppose to be there but I accidentally went back to sleep. So I was rushing to leave for an interpreting assignment at 7:50 this morning.
Ken said he had felt a strong urge to pray.....about what, he did not know but he prayed. He said within five minutes the police were there blocking off the street.
Neither one of us heard the crash, even though we have heard
the crash on that corner a number of times over the years.
And then here it came .... a helicopter lowering in what seemed our back yard. Actually, it landed in the street at our back yard. Life support was there and a young man was loaded into the helicopter and flown away. We stood there and prayed for whoever was hurt. I don't know if we will ever know who or what but it happened at our back door and we prayed.

Here is the helicopter at lift off taken from our upper deck.

There was a young man inside.

If you click on the take off picture to enlarge it, you can see that the web worms are alive and well in Oklahoma this summer. I have always hated web worms.
The bottom two photos I took with the little Fuji and Ken took the other shots from our deck. God bless America and have mercy on us .... may we ever have the freedom to fly our flag.


  1. I'm glad Dad listened to the Holy Spirit and prayed. Hope the rest of your week is less eventful.


  2. Wow That is amazing.