Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yes, We Are Having the Redwood Deck Repaired

I had asked if anyone wanted to guess what was about to happen at our house.

OK, I get it, no one is really into guessing games right now so I will tell you anyway. Some of those wonderful redwood boards from back in the 70's have given up the ghost. And since I'm told we can not mix and match, we are replacing all of them with treated pine. Redwood is less available and very expensive so it is time to say goodbye.

Then once the deck boards were pulled up, there is a lot more work and expense than we dreamed. The clock is ticking and the cash register is pinging $$$$$ at Lowes as we go back for more supplies. Oh well, we don't want anyone tripping and falling on our deck.
Anybody want any of the good redwood boards for small projects? Some of them are still in fine condition.

A good thing happened. They were able to level our hot tub. The block it was sitting on had begun to settle and there was a two inch difference in how it set. Now it is level again.

Even though the deck is not finished, we can get in the hot tub again. Love it!

Anyone want to guess what is about to happen at our house

This is our initial purchase of wood supplies. Later we learned it needed to be doubled. Eeeeekkk.Posted by Picasa

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