Saturday, May 5, 2012

BBQ 'n Blues in Bixby, America

Not far from where I live is a little 'farm' town known as Bixby, Oklahoma.  When the children were young, we use to go pick green beans, corn, strawberries and the such.  It was also a favorite pecan shopping location.  Today Bixby, while still small, has grown.  And yesterday, Ken and I took the short drive to visit the  BBQ 'n Blues 11th Annual celebration.  We were interested in the tasting experience of the 93 some contestants.  But we did not read the fine print and that was today at noon.  We missed that part.  It was still a fun experience.

This was about the time we discovered that were were not going to get a lot of samples. but Some restaurants were selling BBQ and we ended up trying Bobs Pig Wings.  Actually, we ate pulled pork.  Ken said it was just 'so-so' and he would know.
The Roland Bowling Bank was playing so we sat and listened to them for a short time.  Ken like their Blues enough that he bought their 2-CDs and a T-Shirt special for only $10.   After coming home and listeneing to the CDs -- he commented, well, it's a nice T-shirt.

We walked through the various BBQ Team Contestants as they cooked their wares for the judges.

Here is my favorite BBQ display.  That pig is saying, come on, I dare you to eat me.

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