Sunday, November 6, 2011

Papa Is A Happy Man Again

It has probably been close to a month now since Babe, our  little Yorkie escaped from the back deck while Ken dozed.  He found the place where she had escaped and spent hours and hours searching for her.  There were calls to the Animal Shelter, to all the neighbors, posts on Craigs list and even calls to the surrounding Animal hospitals.  But Babe is not to be found.   It certainly did leave a gapeing hole in Ken's heart.  She had on her collar with phone numbers and the sort but no Babe was returned.  I told Ken he needed to wait until after we returned from Asheville in December before he got  a new puppy.  But he could not wait.   We agreed the next pup needed to be a bit larger and perhaps if possible, smarter.  lol     So Meet Max, Ken's new spoiled baby.   Max is a 6 pound, 12 week  old poodle, not registered and very onery but sweet.  He consumes all of Ken's time but the Papa is a happy man.
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