Saturday, November 12, 2011

A "NO PLANS" Saturday

Saturday November 12, 2011.  A beautiful fall day in Tulsa.    I had thought I was to work at Sorenson Call Center today (it was recorded in my book) but when I checked the records at the Call Center. my name was not there.  So today became a wonderful, no plans day for me to spend with Ken.  The morning was graced with sleeping in later than usual.
Lily cuddles Max

 Then the Scharf's dropped by to visit our new family baby -- MAX

Rosie showing us her new bracelets

Elijah with Max

Ken had considered taking me to the TU game at 11:00 am.  Ken opted out of that to visit the Hafli at St Antony Orthodox Christian Church.

I looked it up, a Hafli is a Mediterranean food festival meaning Hospitality.  This event was advertised as a Lebanese Gourmet festival.

I thought it was to be more than just food -- but it was a meal with deli items to purchase.  Basically it was St Antony's annual fund raising event for needy children.  The meal consisted of a seasoned boneless chicken breast served over HASHWA (rice, beef and almonds).  There was a cabbage roll, hummus, pita bread, tabouli and a greba butter cookie.   The meal was very tasty.   And because the event was a fund raiser for local needy children, we bought a box of six cookies to take home.  I'll tell you about that in a moment.

And Ken got to see some of the TU Game after all as it was playing on the television.  TU was playing Marshall College.  The score ending up 38 to 10 in favor of TU.  Ken was a happy man and I did my usual sorry for the underdog and wishing at least TU could have allowed them to save face by scoring more points than that.

The church is on 6th street west of the TU Track field.     TU is where both Ken and I graduated.  So we hold some tender feelings for the memories of the days on this campus. Ken's years at TU were in the '60s and mine in the '90s.  It has greatly changed and very beautiful.     They have added so many new buildings and changed the driving passages throughout the campus.

This is  the original entrance to the main administration building.  It use to be a "U" which has been closed off and is now a brick walkway and grassy park.   The entrances by car are from 11th street or Harvard or further north on Delaware.

So, we drove by the stadium to give it a wave while TU was running all over the other poor little team.

Now I will finish my story about the $9.00 box of six cookies that we bought at the fundraiser.  On the way home we stopped by Sams to pick up a few items.  They had a large assortment tray of Baklawa and other Greek cookies for $9.      Ken commented "well, it was a fund raiser for a good cause."

Baklawa assortment
  But in the check out line the lady next to me had purchased a tray of the Baklawa.  I commented to her that we had just come from the Lebanese Dinner and we had bought six cookies for $9.00.   Her comment was:  "and I can guarantee you that they bought those cookies from this same company.   These are the best ever and I have been to  many festivals where I could see back in the kitchen the servers, opening the packages made by this company and selling them by the piece for triple the price.    We got a laugh out of that one.  And look how beautiful the golden bow is.

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