Sunday, October 9, 2011

Alive and Well at Seventy Three

I had a very nice Birthday on Saturday, October 8, 2011.  I actually started celebrating with Ken on Friday evening by going to the Stone CreekRestaurant  for a wonderful steak dinner and cheese cake.   Then Ken and I went to a movie, THE HELP.
I told Ken I was going for a Pedicure Saturday morning to celebrate, so he gave me the cash to pay for it.  Saturday was the first day in weeks that I did not have pain in my back, hip and leg.....that might have been the best birthday gift ever.  I also went shopping for new jeans and a jacket. 
Hailey's Mega Meal
And at the last minute, we decided to meet at CiCi's Pizza after Saturday evening Church for pizza together with the Tulsa families.  Take a look at the plates of the children the first go around.  Of course they all went back for more.But these is demonstration of their first sweep across the buffet line. 
Lily, the Mac and Cheese Queen

Rosie, starting out as the Healthy One

Devin, moderation at first.

Elijah, starts with a little bowl of Soup

I love my rosemary plant.  Hope I keep it healthy.    Lily brought her new hat she had gotten from the Tulsa State Fair on Friday.
After we had eaten, the kids started playing with Papa's head.  I think he kind of liked it. 
Remember Sydney's famous saying: "hair pose to be on head."
In the end, they decided his head might get cold so he should try Lily's new hat. 
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