Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where Did My Brain Go?

 I drove Ken to the mall today to get some help for his Iphone and laptop at the Apple Store.  After a Greek Gyro lunch at the food court, walking through the mall toward the store, ken said, "wanta stop at the tea store and get a sample" -- so we did.  The first sample was a Youthberry & Wild Orange Blossom mixture and we both loved it.  She said the minimum you could buy was two ounces.    (A neighbor had given us an entire tea set with wonderful tea from Teavana at Christmas time.)  Knowing their tea is expensive, and knowing they try to always sell decorative tins when you buy tea, I said, oh, we will come back with our tins and get some.  "Oh, we can put it in a bag until you get home" the saleslady responded.  So we were going to buy two ounces of specialty tea.   I never asked the price -- why not splurge a little bit on 2 ounces of tea.  "Oh, first let me show you some of our others -- so we sampled 4 or 5 more blends of beautiful tea.   OK, Ken and I decided, we will try the Jasmine Dragon & Rooibos Tropical blend as well.
Thinking that was four ounces of tea, we still did not ask the cost.
So when we go to the counter, we discover, the minimum is 2 ounces per tea and both selections were a blend.   Hummmmm, now we are buying 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 ounces of wonderful tea.   "Well, I get it" says Ken and she bags them up.    The shocker was when she rang up the total.  "That comes to $43.95."  It's already bagged and packaged, each scoop ran over the minimun two ounces just a tiny bit, and we never asked the price.   
We left the store very quietly .............. where does my brain go when I am in the mall .................... two tiny bags of Teavana Tea.....a total of 8 ounces for over $40.

Our final comment to each other, oh well, we will have some wonderful evenings by the fire sipping tea.
And by the way,  our lunch at the food court was only $15 and we did not spend any money at the Apple Store today, so maybe we used self control in some areas.
And, I must admit, when I enter the same room and pick up that Teavana bag, it smells GLORIOUS.

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