Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Resisted Face Book For A Long Time

Yes, I did resist Face Book for a very long time--  until I discovered that there were very special photos and news that I could find no other place. So I decided that if I wanted to stay up to date, I better join....so I joined at first only for family members. Very gradually, I would add a friend. I kept my membership at around 30. It is so hard to draw the line, I thought I would never let it go above 100 friends, however, my 'friends list' has grown until now, it is up to maybe 124 friends. I still don't play any games or accept anything that requires an application.
With that explanation,  here is an example of a very special event in my children's lives that I would have known nothing about -- except I found it on Face Book, the Eastland Assembly of God Page for the Kids. I had no idea that my grandchildren had a special day at the church recently. I was happy to find it and it makes Face Book worth the time.
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