Saturday, July 16, 2011

At What Point Does The Mother Daughter Relation Flip Flop?

It may have happened today, but it simply can not continue!    My younger daughter, Sommer turned 35 this week and I don't become 73 till October.   She is half my age  and today she laughs and says I HAVE TO FOLLOW THE RECIPE.  Come on, I never totally follow recipes when I don't have the ingredients.

It goes like this:   Back in  June we went to visit the Collier family and we spent a week at Sunset Beach, North Carolina where Dan was working.  One evening we went to eat at the Sugar Shack, a Jamaican eatery.

The Sugar Shack at Sunset Beach North Carolina
 Well after we had ordered, the waitress brought out this most divine appetizer and she called it Jamaican Johnny Cake.  It was not the traditional island fried cakes, it was like a glorified cornmeal cake with wonderful spices in it.  It was warm, dense and moist. 
Sommer being the cook extraordinaire and taste bud professional, was determined she would figure out how to make it.    So a few days ago,she posted on A Spicy Perspective her rendition of what we had eaten in Sunset Beach. 

At work on A Spicy Perspective

Waiting for a Table to Eat Jamaican Cooking
This morning on a whim, I decided to whip up the delectable tasty treat for myself.  Upon pulling out the list of ingredients, I discovered I was out of cake flour, out of unsalted butter, white sugar and there was no buttermilk.  And honestly, I've never ever bought vanilla bean paste before.    That did not bother me, I often switch out ingredients.   So I used regular flour, Crisco, brown sugar and Keefer with "Premier Vainilla" Hecho En Mexico.  Sounded fine to me.

The batter looked light and fluffy.   I thought my ground coves might have been very old.  (I don't use cloves very often as I have an aversion to the smell of cloves due to dental abuse when I was a small child.)
I poured the batter into two baking pans and baked at 350 degrees as instructed.  As soon as my Johnny Cake was cooled enough to cut, I eagerly sliced a piece and sat back to enjoy.     The Johnny Cake had the nice dense, moist consistency, it was OK......well, it was good, but not amazing like that at The Sugar Shack.   So I send Sommer a message on Facebook telling her about my experience.
SHE LAUGHS AT ME!  (I need to come back and add, Sommer's laugh was very respectful.)  And sh promptly reminds me that I need to use cake flour, real butter, sugar and full fat buttermilk.      OK, I accept it,  she is the baking queen of the Carolinas and her Jamaican Johnny Cake was amazing beyond words.    And my little 'lower-fat rendition'  was ordinary but OK.    I'm going to freeze most of it for special occasions and forget how amazing it is suppose to be.      No, I'm still the Mama and she is still the daughter -- she just has passed me by in the kitchen and I have no problem with that.  I'll eat my soups and my easily made salads and let her soar to the stars through A Spicy Perspective.  And when I am old and feeble, she can cook anything she wants for me exactly the way she wants to.    Wait a minute, what am I saying .... she can do that already.
And is it fair to eat real butter and full fat buttermilk and look like this?
Oh, perhaps it is because Sommer is diligent working out!

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  1. HA! Hey, when I laughed at you on FB it wasn't a disrespectful laugh! OXOXOXO