Monday, July 11, 2011

All My Sisters Visit

I love family.   I love MY Family!   And I love my sisters!
This was a most rare occassion, when all three of my sisters visited at the same time--and in HOT Oklahoma!  The occassion that brought them was my brother, Bud and his wife, Barbie's 50th Wedding Anniversary party.   Only Bill was unable to attend.  It would have been perfect with our eldest brother, evenso, it was a 'mini' reunion. 

Sarah and Paula both arrived on Thursday evening.   So on Friday, they made appointments at the beauty shop where my neighbor, Jeannie K works.  Sarah had not had a hair cut since she last visited 18 months before.
It looked so pretty, that Paula asked me to take a photo of the back of her hair. 
Sarah looked very beautiful when Jeannie was done.
Paula had already had her hair cut and she just wanted it washed and set.  Oh my, did everyone make over Paula's "PERFECT HAIR."    All natural, all healthy and beautiful and at the age of 79, they would say.

Then Paula asked about a waxing job.  What an experience.  I have never had this done to myself. 
So here are my beautiful sisters.  Below is Sarah, who is 85 years old and very little gray hair.  She is a sweetheart.
And here we are having fun at the beauty shop.
This is Sarah at the party.
And Paula at the Party.
And Barbie, who everyone thinks is my sister instead of sister-in-law.
And here is Bonnie with her granddaughter, Allison.  In this photo, they are getting ready to leave town.
And here is Bonnie with Jim at the Party.
Thank God for creating family and thank God for MY family!  My sisters are WONDERFUL!

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