Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oklahoma Blizzard of 2011

The deepest snow we have had in Oklahoma recorded history.  Right now at 13.2 inches it is still coming down. Here is our beautiful summer time back deck with snow up to the bottom of the lounge chairs and the opening of the chiminea.   Guess won't be getting in the hot tub for a few days----the cover is buried.

Little birds are happy.
No artistic photos at this time.  I am just not willing to get out in it yet.  The wind is fierce and I don't like cold.  Plus, I don't have any snow boots high enough to walk out there.   The drifts are 3 and 4 feet.  Here is my little angel girl buried up to her neck.  That is her to the left of the hanging star.
Chickadee found some seeds. 
So Tulsa is stuck at home.  Ambulances, tow trucks, road plow trucks and 4-wheel drivers all getting stuck when they go out to help.    Kevin worked overnight at WalMart and tried to get home--made it half way.  AAA or police or no one could help him.   After several hours in the car, he walked a mile home in tennis shoes.   Burrrrrr.   Ken took all these photos from inside the house.  He does not like it outside either.

And Babe is saying, I don't care how much fun the birds and possums are having, I am not using the bathroom out there unless you shovel me a path.  Fast out and fast back today.  I think we better watch her closely in the house today. 

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