Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Never Learned Football

I remember when Ken and I were  young, I would go to the TU games with him.  I would ask questions about what was happening.  He would talk to me loud enough explaining the game that people turned around and stared at the 'nut' who did not understand the simplest moves on the field.  So I quit asking and soon I quit going.....    So I never learned to appreciate football.  But when it comes to Superbowl, I like the food and the party.      Last year it was Kevin's family.   This year it was April's family.   I worked at the Call Center today and when I got home, they had brought over Chili and all the fixens.  It was great.  I actually sat and watched the game......     ssshhhhh -- don't tell anyone that toward the end, I almost fell asleep.  And Dave's team -- he is from Wisconsin actually -- WON!   Yeah for the Green Cheese.   (I learned that term from a Deaf person talking to her mother.  I was the interpreter.   She signed green cheese and the mother said, Oh, you are supporting the Green Bay Packers.  "Yes, yes, the green cheese my support.")
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