Saturday, February 19, 2011

Make No Plans/Do Nothing Day

After many days of working every single day, today just seemed like a good day to make no plans, give no promises and if we wanted to, DO NOTHING. 

So Ken and I started off the day by listening to Sommer debut her first radio interview.   Then we hopped into the Hot Tub with a cup of coffee and bubbled for a while.  Ken decided since I did not have to go to work we might 'chill out around town.'
We talked about breakfast or brunch, hopped in the car and just started driving -- who knows where.  Ended up in Brookside at the Cafe Ole'.  Oh my, the salsa was the best, so much flavor and not too much heat with my favorite ingredient, cilantro.  We ate enough for breakfast and lunch.   Ken talked about the Mecca Coffee and Tea Spice shop which he remember downtown many years ago and is now in Brookside so we played around in the shop, drooling over pretty things we really do not need or really want. 

From there Ken just began to drive around older places in town.....looking at the older houses in midtown Tulsa and remembering times of the past.  We passed a house where we bought a dog once.   From downtown we started west on Charles Page Boulevard toward Sand Springs.   There is this little neighborhood store which has gotten published several times for it's uniqueness which Ken has always wanted to stop at.

I kid you not, there was almost NOTHING on the shelves.....few canned goods, rice noodles, newspapers...   They boasted that they had a special coffee machine and Ken opted for a cup of coffee to go.  I think it made a cup at a time and took the acid out according to the store man.

With coffee in hand, we were off to downtown Sand Springs.  We took in some antique shops, viewed old buildings and Ken talked with several store owners.       For a DO NOTHING DAY by that time, I felt like I had done we drove home.

Right now, my do nothing day does not seem like I've don't nothing -- just nothing MAGNIFICIENT!    

There is a pot of Mexican Chile Verde in the slow cooker.   The ingredients have been  sauted and are set to cook for the next three hours or until the pork is falling apart.   I'm not sure it will be eaten today.   It is certainly green at the moment.  I have a feeling it will not be this green after three hours of simmering.  And now that I am looking at the photo, I realize I forgot the masa.  I'm gonna go add it right now.
We have church tonight.  Think I'll go lay down for a few minutes on my do nothing day.  ----time passing --    later -----   9:00 pm.  Came home from church and ate a cup of the Chile Verde. is very good and not too spicy at all.   Never ate green chile before.    So much for my do nothing day It is time to go to bed soon....think I will go upstairs and read for a little while.   Good Night to my Make No Plans Day..  Perhaps tomorrow will be another Do Nothing Day.

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  1. You do more on you "do nothing" day than I get done in a week! ;)