Sunday, August 8, 2010

There Is No Mountain Too High

Last Wednesday, Ken and I took our first little outing since his illness.   He was very ready to go somewhere.  And Our trip took us to Plano to baby-sit our granddaughters, 6 year old Sydney  and 15 month Blakely.  Blakely is not quiet walking -- just almost -- maybe I saw her take a couple steps without either of us realizing what she had done.     Now the girls rooms are upstairs in the new home which God has blessed upon Joel and Jennifer.  It is a beautiful California/Dallas style with 12-foot high doors (it looks like to me) and ceilings which reach to the sky.  Consequently, the stairway has maybe 26 steps and it looks to this old woman and to a crawling baby, like a very high mountain.   So Blakely and I would climb the stairs together.  She loves to craw up  but constantly turns around to make sure  someone bigger is right with her.  So in picture #2 below you can see here we go crawling up steps toward heaven.  I'm making sure she does not miss a step and at the same time clicking the camera.  Blakely constantly turned to make sure I was still with her.   In picture #7, we are on the top landing were the bedrooms are -- but Blakely never stops there.   She immediately switches into high gear as she moves around the corner and up into the girls play room. Who wants to take a rest time in a bedroom when a little further there are a thousand fun toys.
Sydney considers the play room her's yet, she reluctantly knows she must share it with her little sister.  So Blakely would make her fastest moves on those last stairs into the rumpus room to share the treasures.
(You may click on the collage to enlarge.)

Now I am back home doing my favorite fun thing, playing with the photos we took along the way.  Tonight I compare the 'stairway to heaven (the playroom)'  to my daily walking out of salvation and the journey toward the fullness of life in Christ.  Often my steps are like baby steps and when the climb is overwhelming or steep I feel like I am crawling, slipping, learning and re-learning the valuable lessons of life.   But then, when I hit that spot that speaks of goodness and treasurer,  (like the landing right before the playroom) faith and courage inspire and I move faster with confidence that I can do this.....   I can finish the journey.     For the last few days, I have been practicing that several times a day with baby Blakely -- climbing steps too high for me and knowing that the Christ within me is bigger and stronger, making me able for every task.  Thank you sweet little granddaughter for teaching me another valuable life lesson.  Not only do our children teach us, but our grandchildren do so as well.  I have a feeling that the learning never stops.  Posted by Picasa


  1. I want to climb the mountain too!


  2. Saturday 14th: I talked with Joel on the phone today and he said that Blakely took about 20 steps yesterday. Yeah! She is on her way. Congratulations, little girl.