Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Visit From The Elder Brother

It's the person who loves brother and sister who dwells in God's light and doesn't block the light from others. 
I John 2:10 The Message 
I LOVE my brothers!
On Wednesday afternoon, August 25th, we were blessed by a visit from Greenville, SC, my oldest brother, William O. Montgomery,  better known as Bill.    Bill brought with him his new bride of three months, Nell. 
So on Thursday morning, Ken managed to get Bill to participate in his favorite ritual, the hot tub therapy event.
And he even had Bill try on his Bass Pro Shop hat which looked so much better on Bill than it ever did on Ken.
No amount of coaxing would get Nell into that hot tub, but she did enjoy the deck and reading a book while the guys bubbled.
Later morning, my youngest brother, Granville H, known as Bud, and his wife, Barbie, came for a visit and of course to meet Bill's new bride, Nell.    We had such a great time and enjoyed lunch together.
In the sun room.
Barbie and Nell hit it off as new sisters-in-law.  While we all miss Millie, everyone fell in love with Nell and are so happy for Bills new love.
Of course the Montgomery tradition requires photos of the brothers as well.
Just as we were finishing lunch, Jennifer arrived with her two girls, Megan and Allison.  They are always so glad to see their grandparents, Bud and Barbie.  Jennifer was leaving them in Tulsa for the weekend so that she and Kirk could make a quick trip to Dallas.
The cameras were snapping all over the place.  Here Bill is showing Jennifer the shot he just took.
Megan and Allie were happy to play with the Babe as well as a few toys under the stairs.
And Barbie had to take her turn with the Babe as well.
I love my brothers.  They are very, very special to me.   Each one has a very unique personality.  Yet both are somewhat laid-back and quiet.  Bill loves to serve others while Bud loves to make them happy with a tease or a laugh.  Both have a very positive outlook and a deep trust in God and HIS LOVE.    They grew up in different worlds .. deaf vs.hearing .  While Buddy went to boarding school at the age of four,  Bill found it normal to go away to Holmes Bible school at the age of 14.  Buddy grew up in Schools for the Deaf...first in Fredrick, Maryland, then Spartinburg, South Carolina and graduated from OSD Sulphur, Oklahoma.  Our Father was a preacher, writer, editor, etc which caused little Bill to move with the family 5 times in the first seven years of his life.  Dad was gone a great deal of our lives -- out preaching the gospel.  So after Buddy was born, with three Deaf children, our parents moved us to Fredrick Md, where I was born.  We lived very close to MSD so our two sisters and brother could come home on the weekends if they wanted. 
My earliest memory of Bill is his playing the trumpet for the Salvation Army on the street corner.  And I remember one cold snowy Sunday morning, Bill picked me up and carried me on his shoulders as the family walked to church in the deep snow.  Our parents gave us a wonderful heritage of faith in God.  Bill continued on to enter the ministry, pastoring churches from SC to OK to MO to IL and I don't remember where else. 
Here are three of the six siblings with their spouses.  We pray we do not loose any more of our family this year.   Loosing three in one year was traumatic, painful and sobering.
When people were thinking of leaving, Allie was climbing the stairs.  She is so adorable.  Here she is after conquering the top step.
Now since I had special guests, I decided to try some of Sommer's recipes from her food blog.  I chose the Thai Fried Rice and here it is with the Jasmine rice, pork, curry, green onions, garlic, fresh ginger and frozen peas.  It was really great and definitely something I must make again.
I almost forgot to show the finished product.
And when I brought out my camera, so did Bill.
Babe worked hard to worm her way into our house guests affections.  She loves to have her rawhide held while she chews away on it and Bill was obliged to do so.  Is this Babe spoiled or what!  Nell was not much of a dog person (Like I am not) but Bill even got to the point where he asked if she would be interested in a pet.
I love this shot, it has so much expression without words.
During the three days, nieces and nephews dropped by for short visits.
Saturday morning breakfast.  We enjoyed Whole grain Oat Nut Pancakes from Laura's Blog.  These are my favorite pancakes.     
Then that sad moment for us when it was time to pack up the car and head out to complete the two-week round of visiting.  Bill and Nell had gone to Hobby Lobby to select flowers for the grave sites of both Bill's oldest son Billy and our Father, G H Montgomery -- Dad buried in Kansas City and Billy in Moberly, Missouri.  They will be traveling through Missouri and Illinois before heading back home.
A Sweet Good-Bye and Thank You for coming.  Ken and I were very honored by your presence.
Thank you Bill for being my wonderful brother and for introducing us to your new bride, Nell.
Please come again!

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    Oh what a beautiful story you wrote of our brother Bill and his newly bride, Nell. Already I am falling in love with my new sister-in-law. Smile! xo xo xo Paula