Friday, October 2, 2009

A Fall Outing at Disney on Ice ... opening of Tulsa State Fair

I thought  I was ready to outgrow the Tulsa State Fair at the point I did not have to escort my children to the fair anymore.  I still manage to go for small amounts of time.
And I do enjoy the Ice Show. Ken and I arranged an outing with the Oklahoma Grandkids.   You might guess Ken's favorite was the turquoise finned Chevy in the Cars production.      Lion King is always my favorite. I love the music and the costumes were so creative --- such  fun.    However, I'll have to agree that the ending with Tinkerbell bringing on Spring was pretty spectacular.    For more information you can check out the Grandkid blog   I can not get these pages to lay out properly.  I can not control the text or the picture.  I need a blogging lesson ...... Big time!      Click on the photos to see more clearly.  The one of the flowers is pretty amazing.    Also see where Kayla brought the girls a display of some of her friends which she brought back from her summer vacation at Disney World.  That black cat in Rosie's hand, Kayla had won but gave to Rosie.   Kayla is such a hoot.  You can anlso see April and Susie in the group.

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  1. Love the grandkids only blog...I am thinking of following it because I love it THAT much. You and Uncle Ken are AMAZING grandparents.