Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Dallas Run over the Weekend

We made a quick trip to Dallas This weekend to see our Texas children.  Look at this 5 1/2 month old, 17 1/2 pound bundle of joy, Blakely.  You can not believe how many kisses she gets in a day.  First there are Mommy kisses and then Daddy kisses.   The third photo is Papa waiting on Sunday morning to go to church.  He and the girls are ready to go so they sit in the livingroom and laugh and tease.   You can see that we took Lily and Rosie with us.    We love visiting Covenant Church in Carrollton Texas.  Their praise and worship is so uplifting.   Of course the teaching is wonderful as well.         The grandkids blog will tell the children's  story.   And look at our beautiful Scrivner family at their front door telling us good by.    We love those kids and don't get to see them nearly enough.

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  1. The trip was fun. I loved it.