Friday, June 12, 2009

What Is It

Another Riddle for you. Who wants to guess what this is and how it came about.
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Be creative with your solution on how to solve this painful event.

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  1. From Joels IPhone:
    Jen says it mud and rabbit turds.
    I say Mom had another cooking accident. Hope you didn't cut yourself again. I think you burned the bacom. From Joel

  2. The Scharpfs take a stab at it. ( and hope it doesn't pop)
    Rosie says, "It looks like a dirty pan.
    Elijah says, a greasy pot.
    Dave says Dukie's boil.
    Lily says, "It looks like the wall of the cave in the zoo."
    April says, burnt on coffe residue or rotting elephant ear bulbs.

  3. JOel and Rosie are the closest this time to what this ugly picture is. I burn't another pot of water. This time I was simply trying to melt a little jar of honey down so that I could pour the last bit of it into the peanut butter jar and mix it up. But I left the kitchen and forgot it. The little bit of honey in the jar was burned to a crisp but you did not see that. What you see is simply the burned pot and the shiny spot is where the jar was sitting.