Sunday, June 7, 2009

This Blog is having a half Birthday

It was last January during the ice storm that I first started this blog just to see if it was right for me. Well, it's been about six months now and I've rather enjoyed documenting a tiny piece of myself and left it open for the world to see. I realize not too many have delved into this 'tiny piece of life'- but it's been good for me. It is good for this brain to keep learning while becoming a bit vulnerable when speaking about self. As a matter of fact, it's been fun enough that I've already started building two other blogs .....
The second one for the grandkidsonly was started shortly after the first when I realized that much of what I talked about was grandchildren. Young children (or is it the parents) have not found this fascinating enough for much participation, but that is OK ...... On those rare times when someone leaves a comment or participates in a riddle or game is a high moment in my life. Does not take much to make an ole' granny happy.
And the third blog is of our recent Mediterranean trip. We had so many pictures and memories that I wanted to document them in a fun way. Ken is creating videos of our travel experience. (His brain work has been learning to use his Mac fully with all it's 'bells and whistles' which include websites and movies.) Scrivtravels is far from complete. As all blogs are, it is a work in progress. Having said all of that, Happy Half Birthday Nana Scriv's Safe Place. I think I will keep you a while longer. And it is perfectly fine if one creates a blog and the only followers who check in are myself and my husband ...... my blogging has a captive audience!


  1. Nana Jean,

    Great job with the children's blog. Few know the hours your spend trying to do something creative, fun and educational for your grandchildren. But I know and salute your terrific drive to press on.

    The Popster

  2. I love all your blogs and you are an inspiration to me on what it means to be a grandparent. I love the creativity--keep it up!

  3. A note from Kevin: But we ARE enjoying all the pictures and commentary. Your efforts haven't been ignored.

    Incidentally, the Jennifer responses are from Jennifer Hickey, my niece. I love her blog and she follows mine.