Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Joel Preaches Through Interpreter

As an interpreter myself (sign language) and having interpreted hundreds of messages, I found these photos interested.
This is Joel, Preaching in Costa Rica in the Spring, 2009.
(We had Sydney during this time.)
I found the photos on Facebook and put them together for this site. The scenery is beautiful isn't it. I'm sure the ministry was glorious.
Personally, it is interpreting the Word of God that is the most exciting of all interpreting for me. (Well, I'll have to admit that interpreting someone else having a baby is pretty exciting as well. Both are incidents of giving birth to new life.)
The crazy thing is that I've been told that my specialty is interpreting funerals. What a speciality to have! I really don't enjoy death. Perhaps it is the hope of life after death that makes interpreting a funeral an OK thing to do. But what in heaven's name makes it such that people tell me that is my speciality .... what I do best? I think I need to ponder this a bit to figure it out.

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