Sunday, January 25, 2009

Christmas Train at Dry Gulch, the day after Thanksgiving.

Most of the time, Ken and I are behind the camera. But when we went to Dallas, I found this photo in Jennifer's camera and I took it. It is Ken and me at Dry Gulch and it was cold that night. We took, Kevin's family and Joel's family there for an outing. April's family had gone the week before. We worked at the Christmas Train taking family photos about five nights. It was a lot of fun and Ken is so good at getting those groups set up and looking good. It was wonderful for us to do a project together. Man, I love that Man! He is the best thing that ever happened to me!

Hey! Sommer sent another photo from her cell phone. She must be beginning to see our suffering and withdrawl from Ava and Carson. Are they not adorable or what! Here they are eating shushi (Ava's favorite food?) And the message with the photo was "I just learned that Williams-Sonoma sells a cutting board pig like those Dad use to make." I think we should be collecting royalties!
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