Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Contest between aging Olympus and younger Fuji baby.

It is Tuesday, Jan 27. We had a freezing rain yesterday and last night. Nothing like we had in December 2007, but nevertheless, jobs are cancelled and the school is closed so I am home snug and warm just enjoying veggen out. So Ken has a new Cannon EOS 40D that he has studied and practiced to become proficient on. I used it some on the automatic setting and it is very fast and nice. However, it will do way more than I know how to do with it. So he pulled out the old Olympus bag to change bags. The Olympus had not been out or use for nearly a year. The little lightweight Fuji had taken over and does very well for a non professional such as me. But when I saw that Olympus which I had quit using because it was so slow and old and a little rubber thing keeps falling off ... I rememberd how much I loved it. Upon seeing it, my fickle way banished and I had to play with it again. It was the camera that made me look good even when I knew nothing about how to shot a photo. It worked for me at interpreter conferences and many other fun event ... not to mention all the grandbaby shots taken with it. So here is the race for perfection and value. I bundled up and went out with each camera to shoot the ice covered deck and yard. Herein is a sample of the work of each camera while bird feeders and birdbaths and welcome signs and angels frozen and pansies and fesque grass and trees and bushes and everything has a coat of ice covering it. Go ahead ..... click on the collages to blow up the photos and see which camera wins.
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